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Contemporary studio jewellery
Eyecatching yet understated designs with a raw elegance as unique as you are

Andrea Isaac Jewelly & Design Margaret River Western Australia

Premiers Gift Commisioning Project
A collection of handmade contemporary jewellery designed by Andrea, a German born designer/maker (B.A. Jewellery & Design) living and working on a small bush property just south of Margaret River, in Western Australia. Her grandfather was a costume jeweler in Bohemia and in a roundabout way this heritage has found its way into her path of creativity.

"I came to Australia travelling the world in my early 20s and fell in love with this beautiful land. Originally settling in Fremantle to bring up my 3 sons I always felt a calling to the Margaret River area and moved here in 2017. As a single mum of 3 boys I enrolled at university as a mature age student and graduated from Curtin University in Perth in 1993 with a BA Arts, Jewellery & Design with distinction. I have since worked in the jewellery industry, both in my own studio practice as well as in sales in related art and jewellery businesses. I am a passionate designer and maker with over 27 years of experience as well as being a dedicated Mother & Oma.

In the early 2000´s I was the winner of the City of Perth Art Award as well as having designs selected and handmade for the Premiers Gift Commissioning Project and taking part in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

My partner, David has been a gem collector for over 20 years and in the early days of the business has supplied me with many of the beautiful precious and semiprecious gemstones that inspire and complement my designs.

Since then I have established some good trustworthy contacts with Australian gem dealers as well as developing a good and solid relationship in the Thai gemstone business during my many overseas visits to jewellery trade fairs where many of the stones are getting custom cut to my specifications.

Each piece, especially commissions, are unique. Designed and made using precious metals, occasionally organic components, and fine quality handpicked gemstones. Other original pieces will develop into limited edition runs or small collections that have become signature pieces of the collection.

I also have an appreciation and interest in the developments in contemporary jewellery and design, I am a member of the Jewellers & Metalsmith Group of Australia, and in the past have been part of 2 artist run collectives/workshops that pool resources and skills to promote and support each other's developments and work.

Currently you can find me in-store, once a week, at the now well established Margaret River Artisan Store in the main street of Margaret River. I am one of the founding members of this lovely store which is a collaborative venture that allows each local artisan to display and sell their wares as well as working in store and this giving the opportunity to meet and greet their lovely and loyal customer base. The store started from its humble beginnings as a local Artisan collective at Art Markets to a well established business that serves as a small business incubator for many up and coming small businesses in the South West. The artisans provide a supportive network and an affordable option to help grow their business while sharing resources,support and labour to run the shop together. As such, almost all the proceeds of each sale goes to the artisans that are working in store. My work can also be purchased through the artisan store especially if you are wanting to buy some of the other artisans works. I also ma a longtime member of the well established Artisan Store in Fremantle even though the 2 businesses are not related they both work on promoting local Art & Crafts.


Margaret River Artisan Store

Fremantle Artisan Store

I am also interested in photography and travel to explore the jewellery of different cultures and often will collect special gems and unique components that might complement or could be incorporated in my designs."

Artist's Statement

Jewellery making has been my passion for many years, stemming from my childhood fascination with my grandfather’s collections and tools from his costume jewellery business in Bohemia in the 1930’s, right through to my own development as an artist jeweller over the last 28 years.
Jewellery is meaningful, wether it is a piece that is been passed on through generations or pieces that remind of a special person or experience that is honoured and as such becomes significant. I try to create works that express special connections and meaning .

My design style is contemporary, a lot of geometry juxtaposed with organic elements, subtle exploration of basic form and sometimes textural embellishments showing the hand of the maker. I am interested in creating my own unique kind of harmony incorporating natural gems that create original, understated, timeless classics and contemporary work.

My inspiration could be a theme or following the creative process of playing with an idea, the materials themselves or my surrounding /natural elements that might catch my eyes. I often work around the shape, colour and unique qualities of a stone, that “asks“ to be presented in a certain way to create a complementary design.

I am influenced by my German heritage, hence there might be articulated elements.

Living in the Southwest of WA, we are very fortunate to be able to experience and observe changes in nature all day, every day. The West Australian native bush has a very unique flora and fauna and the beautiful and dramatic shapes and colours of WA coastline. The colours and clarity of light are reflected in the brilliance, sparkle and uniqueness of the precious and semi-precious stones that I love to use.

I work in traditional goldsmithing techniques, wax carving, embossing and hammered patterns as well as CAD design and production techniques. I mostly work in Stirling silve , but also in carat golds and other materials that might be appropriate.

Some of the stones I love

The gemstone that first got me into using more colour in my work and soon became one of my favourites is Tourmalines, a precious stone that displays a unique splendour of colours. According to ancient Egyptian legend on the way from the Earth’s heart towards the sun, Tourmaline travelled along a rainbow. On its way it collected the colours of the rainbow. Hence it is known as the "Rainbow gemstone”. I loved this story and it intrigued me to venture more into incorporating coloured stones in my designs.

I love using bright sunny or honey coloured Citrine , deep purple blue Tanzanite and rich purple Amethysts or Prasiolite in soft greens, blue Topaz in light Sky blue or the more vibrant Swiss blue or deep London blue shades and Sapphires, earthy Smokey quartz, deep red Garnet, transluscent Prehnites, luscious Pearls, fine Sleeping beauty Turquoise, swirling Agates and Jaspers in their myriad of forms and patterns, Australian minerals like Chrysophase and Mookaite and the list goes on and on…. So come and explore my design brought to live with coloured gems.

Don’t forget to read my care instruction how best to protect your stones and see which one might be right for you. The hardness of each stone will determine whether it is a good every-day wear option or more a piece for special occasions depending on your lifestyle .